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A little bit of history......

    In 2004, during an informal evening of bilingual conversation between a mixed group of French and English speakers, the conversation turned to the availability of English reading matter. "Well, we can get hold of one-day old English newspapers", someone said " ......but what I really miss is browsing in a library. It's just not the same to look through your own bookshelves one more time."

And so the idea of an English Lending Library was born.

 But where would it be located ? In someone's barn? Too cold in winter - and who would drive 20 kilometres to a distant village?

     A French teacher of English at the Lycée (High School) in Villefranche was so taken with the idea of her children having access to English books, that she raised the subject with her boss, the 'Proviseur'.

He very generously allowed us the use of a room in the school. Several kind English speakers volunteered to 'man' the library during it's opening hours.  Other brave souls found their way up the vertiginous hill to the Main Entrance of the school, up 3 further flights of steps and along two endless corridors (where the lighting was unreliable, to say the least) until they emerged into a little oasis of Englishness!

    Thus began the English Library in Villefranche and the formation of our Association with a committee and regular meetings.

    However, access was always an issue for Mums with young children and for the more infirm amongst us. So, in 2006 we looked at the possibility of moving to more accessible premises. The Centre Sociale in Villefranche very kindly provided us with the solution and that is where we are today!  


New Library Address:

Centre Sociale,

19 rue Sergent Bories.

12200 Villefranche de Rouergue,

Aveyron, France.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10.00 - 12 h

Thursday 10.00 - 12 h

Membership rates:

20€ per family, 10€ single.

Cheques should be made payable to ABAV and sent to

Lesley Sharrock

Puech d’Elbes

12200 Martiel France