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Painting, printing, cutting, gluing, folding, tearing, mixing, these are processes that I do almost every day. Art is not just painting, it is looking, feeling, absorbing, liking, disliking, remembering, rejecting, erasing, thinking, planning, finding new ideas and composing and if it pleases, then stopping and finally saying farewell when it is sold and leaves the studio.

my influences

I enjoy travelling. It takes me to other environments and I get to meet new people. Every experience has an influence on our lives and every experience  has an influence on my work.  I draw indirect inspiration from exhibitions, galleries, museums, posters, ads, places and environments, from looking at other peoples work.

I absorb ideas and  processes and  reject or accept notions and  conceptions, finally these influences will have a bearing on my art.

Music is important in my life, I listen to music every day. I work with music playing and it can directly influence how I apply the paint to the canvas.


past solo exhibitions:

BWC, Brussels 2008

Depot-Design Brussels

Private Show Ixelles Brussels (x2)

Irish Club of Belgium (x3)

The Wild Geese Brussels

Hotel Bristol Stephanie Brussels

Forum Dun Laoghaire Ireland

Kultureel Centrum Anto Diez Bredene

Oppurs Kultureel Centrum

Permanent Exhibition in Villefranche de Rouergue, Aveyron, France


past group exhibitions:

De Bosuil Overijse Belgium

RHoK Brussels

Prisma ’90 Brussels

Verviers, Belgium

Expo International Art & Tourism - Libramont (x2)

Aalst Kultureel Centrum

European Institutions Open Day May 2004

Parisot Art Festival 2007 Tarn & Garonne, (82) France

Brandonnet, Aveyron, France

Najac, Aveyreon, France

Hors Cadre, Villefranche de Rouergue, France

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