Why do you need a web site?

    Most artists or small business owners do not have the time nor the knowledge to design their own web site. However a web site is very important. It is your virtual visiting card.

It takes more than just throwing a few photographs and an e-mail address together on a page and sending it to a server.

    It is your calling card, the image you project of yourself, the impression you give to a potential client. Not only does it show the client a sample of your work but it gives so much more information than a brochure, book or visiting card.

It is easier to make changes to a web page than a printed book or brochure and the client can see a wide selection of work in a short space of time. Installations can be uploaded and viewed as movies, 3D work can be shown ‘in the round’ and details can be zoomed into.

    I am an artist therefore I understand the needs of artists. I also understand that many artists and small enterprise owners can not afford to pay for an expensive design service. That is why I wish to offer my services to you and my artist colleagues for a reasonable cost.

    I can offer a complete package, which includes web hosting, domain registration and web page management.

Costs can be as little as €50 for layout, photographs, testing and upload.  Hosting and domain registration for as little as €55.

            You will not find better value elsewhere!

            And if you do I can match it.

Contact me for more information and further details,

[email protected]


Blue Moon Web Design

Web design for artists &

small businesses

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